White Girl Listening :  Beginnings

White Girl Listening : Beginnings

This is part one of a series about finding my way into meaningful engagement with the process of truth and reconciliation in Canada. It is not an unfamiliar feeling, this disorientation, this unsettling sense of loss that hollows me out and leaves me in a heap. Something I thought I knew is not at all […]

Myth Management for Beginners

Myth Management for Beginners

“Know this: Good stuff will happen in your life. Bad stuff will happen in your life. The more lightly you hold your expectations for the future, the more likely your hands will be free to accept the good and do the hard work of dealing with the bad. Humility in the face of the unknown […]

Launching the New Blog

Launching the New Blog

So, today I decided to let the world in on the new website I’ve been working on over the last few months, in spite of the fact that there are still some kinks to be worked out. I decided that my on-line approach to hospitality should mirror my at-home approach to hospitality—meaning that, when the […]

Passionate Embrace Book Launch and Milonga

Passionate Embrace Book Launch and Milonga

Thank you to all those who braved the cold wind and rains of Vancouver to join in the celebration last night.  The Fan Club was packed, the dance floor was lively, the mood was golden.  It was wonderful to revel in the embrace of community, friends, and family—the very embrace that inspired and nurtured the […]

Karen Shklanka: Spiritual Abandon

As promised, here is another back cover blurb to tempt your appetite for Passionate Embrace:  Faith, Flesh, Tango.  Karen Shklanka is a local tanguera, poet, and physician.  We met in 2009, at the book launch party for her collection of poetry, Sumac’s Red Arms (Coteau Books) and have since become good friends.  I was honoured when […]

Luci Shaw: Refreshing Surprise

I’m going to allow my brother-in-law, a Manitoba rancher and cattle breeder, introduce poet Luci Shaw’s review of Passionate Embrace. At a recent family gathering on the prairies, my brother-in-law plunked himself down in the lawn chair across from me, took a long sip of his beer and said, “I hear you’ve written a book.”  […]

Celeste Snowber: Embodied Prayer

If books were dancers, I would take special delight in sending Passionate Embrace:  Faith, Flesh, Tango onto the dance floor with Celeste Snowber’s Embodied Prayer:  Towards Wholeness of Body, Mind, Soul.  When I read this inspired book almost twenty years ago, I underlined passages like this: However we phrase it, men and women are crying […]

Carl Leggo: Gifts Given, Gifts Received

I have been witnessing a cascade of miracles over the last several weeks.  In truth, I suppose it’s the same miracle happening over and over again, just with different people.   I spent over five years of my life exploring and trying to put into words the miracle that happens in the space between two […]

Dancing Tango with Pope Francis

  What could Christianity possibly have in common with Argentine Tango?  Good question.   Yesterday afternoon, soon after the announcement of the election of an Argentine pope, a CBC reporter and cameraman showed up at the home of local tango instructors Santiago Yanez and Deborah Lynne for an interview and tango demo.  Naturally.  If the […]


This week, I spent a lot of time pondering the notion of hospitality.  Hospitality is what converts community halls, church basements, cafés, auditoriums, studios, and living rooms around the world into welcoming spaces where tango can happen.  I am privileged to live in a city where tango events are hosted every night of the week. […]